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Media, Marketing and Social Research is a subsidiary of Media Monitoring Services Nigeria Limited (MMSNL). Our mission is to develop a system of global media, marketing and social research tools that will enable planners to access the same databases whether planning local, regional, or global campaigns, market penetration and domination as well as attitude and behavioural change policies and advocacy studies.

MMS research have the capabilities for research in various sectors of the economy, ranging from manufacturing and commerce to service organizations, government and indeed non-Profit making institutions such as International Organizations, Foundations etc. We have undisputable strengths on media/communications, marketing and social research.

MMSNL was incorporated in 1993 as a private company in the general business of providing media and marketing information and assistance. It is owned by 20 Nigerian professionals in various walks of life but predominantly in marketing, research and advertising. The company pioneered the business of transmission monitoring in Nigeria from 1995. The start was slow but with perseverance, the service has come to be accepted and cherished by the industry.